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Nahab, Fatta; Kundu, Prantik; Gallea, Cecile; Kakareka, John; Pursley, Randy; Pohida, Tom; Miletta, Nathaniel; Friedman, Jason; Hallett, Mark The neural processes underlying self-agency 2011 Cerebral Cortex 21 48-55
Awasthi, Bhuvanesh; Friedman, Jason; Williams, Mark A Reach Trajectories Reveal Delayed Processing of Low Spatial Frequency Faces in Developmental Prosopagnosia 2012 Cognitive Neuroscience 3 120-130
Friedman, Jason; Flash, Tamar Task-dependent selection of grasp kinematics and stiffness in human object manipulation 2007 Cortex 43 444-460
Friedman, Jason; SKM, Varadhan; Zatsiorsky, Vladimir M.; Latash, Mark L. The sources of two components of variance: an example of multifinger cyclic force production tasks at different frequencies 2009 Experimental Brain Research 196 263-277
Friedman, Jason; Latash, Mark L.; Zatsiorsky, Vladimir M. Prehension synergies: a study of digit force adjustments to the continuously varied load force exerted on a partially constrained hand-held object 2009 Experimental Brain Research 197 1-13